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The single link building technique for permanent success

The most challenging issues for SEO is as you may guess effective link building And by effective we mean both in terms of performance rankings as well as long term benefit. You may blast the hell out of your website with blog comments, directory submissions, social bookmarks and you may see the benefit in rankings, but guess what it is only a matter of time before your website gets into Googles radar and gets penalized by Google Penguin. The real challenge is how we can achieve both high rankings while remaining compliant with Google guidelines at all times in order to avoid jeopardizing our websites organic performance. Well, there is a single technique that can achieve just that. In this post, we are going to take a look at the most popular linkbaiting tactics that still work in 2015.


People are busy. Even if the users are online for entertainment purposes, they want to digest information in a quick and easy manner. Give them what they want. Construct a quick-to-read, easy-to-jump-through piece of content. Build a list. You will be amazed how easily they still go viral.


An image is worth a thousand words. As we said, people are busy and infographics allow users to easily understand any content and make it viral. We may not be in 2010 (the year of the infographic as they say) but do not underestimate the potential of this technique. It still works wonders.


Makes sense when applied to blogs. What you need to do is ask people (and even better experts) for contributions to a blog post. It is easier said than done, you actually need to invest a lot of time in research and PR, contact each one of them, wait for their reply, provide incentives and manage the whole project. But, you will be amazed by the results. The more (and influential) people contribute, the more likes, shares, tweets and backlinks. Extra pro tips Speak about a controversial topic and even better, include your competitors in it.


This one is my personal favorite, mainly because it can be used by every e-commerce site (and not only). It is almost niche-independent. The only restriction is that you need to find bloggers and websites talking about your niche. You just need to send them some free stuff (products or service) in a beautiful package along with an intriguing message (do not forget your contact details & URL) and the receivers will send some link love to you. Guaranteed. Who does’n like free stuff?


Same concept as freebies tactic, but with the difference that instead of giving free stuff to selected bloggers/websites, the participation is open and you launch a contest with one big prize. The best way to combine SEO benefits with this tactic, is to launch a bloggers contest write about our product/service including a reference link and win the big prize. The key to stand out is to be really creative on the mechanics and the topic of the contest. All these tactics require a lot of effort, brainstorming, project management skills and time. But linkbait is the single technique that can both be characterized as a white-hat, it is penalty-safe and can be effective in terms of performance if you are devoted to it.

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