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Currency Convert app

Visacent feel proud to launch its new app ‘Currency Convert’. This app lets all the currencies of the world at your fingertips. We all know the importance that currency holds in our economy. Currency rates keep on changing which affects our business and other activities. Keeping this in mind our panel of developers and experts have created an app to solve problems regarding currency rates.


Currency Convert app provides the user access to a lot of features. It provides them live exchange rates. The user can set up his or her personal currency list and can see important currency at first glance. The whole system is well organised and works very fast.

Now let us discuss some of the other features of this app in detail.

The currency convert app offers some tremendous features. It provides the currency rates of more than 160 countries and its is very specific and detailed which makes it more reliable.


It comes with a handy built in calculator with large keypad buttons which allows the user to set up his or her own exchange rates and obtain the value.


The biggest and strongest point of this app is that it also works in offline mode that means the user can use it anytime he or she wants even if they do not have an internet connection.

It also provides search function so that the user can quickly add a new currency in his table or can search by country, code and name. The conversion algorithms are simple due to which it easily converts multiple currencies at once. If we talk about its performance from the other apps that it is far ahead in the competition. The user interface is very easy to use which decreases the loading time of the app on smartphone and increases its performance.


The new app from Visacent will upgrade the way you search for the value of a particular currency in a short period of time.

Download app here