Server Machines Software

Server Machines Software

Ficers Monitor is an app to developed to keep monitoring the server machines. It keeps record how many server machine, process, thread are currently running. A user can keep eyes on machine process how many are running, how many in queue. User can control on machine(start, stop, pause) as well if need.
There are four prime section of this app.


Dashboard will show the graphical representation of how many server machine, process are running on the server. It maintain the different server machine like web server, database server, and errors & log maintain. Inside every machine process/sub process, queue process will mange user can stop/pause these process. User has ability to filter these options according to need.

Event Manager

Event Manager will display graphical representation of running server machine, its status, queue process, total thread on machine, Load on machine. User has control on all these options.

Report Manager

Report Manager will managing the report of process. Like process timing, execution timing, process status weather it is failed or succeed.. User can filter the report according to timing, status, event basis.

File Manager

File manager section will manage all files, report, images, related to particular machine. User can upload the files/photos and can manage the view as per choice(eg. Grid or list view).

Project details


Angular Js , Cloud Computing , UI / UX


Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application & Services Development, Based on Agile Methodology, HTML5, CSS3, Angularjs Backend- ASP, SQLServer