Pikolinos is a brand, founded in 1984, which deals in Leather, Wood and other fabrics. They have a team of over 500 people dedicated to quality in the designs, exceeding their own expectations and overcoming all the challenges that they set with integrity and transparency for the customers.
The brand take the greatest care over every artisan process that is the hallmark of their products and has turned into an internationally-renowned company with a strong commitment to leading the comfort fashion segment.

Content and Schemas

To control the flow of data, data models were integrated and delivered into custom content. This provides a proper content management facility to meet data structure requirements for any use case.
It helps in controlling the flow of data to the backend data store.

Login System

For proper management of the identity of the user and his accounts, login eCommerce API was integrated which helped the system with the identity management. Users can easily log in to the eCommerce site and continue with their browsing, searching or purchasing.Our login API is secured using the JSON Web Token (JWT) standard, which works across multiple languages and is easily interchangeable.

Secure Payment Gateways

To ensure that the website has a fully functional payment processing system, Payment API was integrated. This gave the website a risk-free payment options and hassle-free experience in making payments.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) were also used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.
AJAX was used to trim down the loading time to the bare minimum which provided customers a friendly and faster checkout experience. The payment options on the website accept payments from different countries.

Store Locating for User

The store will be located after taking permission of the user to access his location. Once the location of the user is accessed, the map retrieves information from the database and adds markers to the map denoting the nearby Pikolinos store.
The user can click the markers to display the store information, and also click the See all results which display a drop-down list to view the list of all stores in the search radius.

Live Customer Care

We integrated our systems with live customer care options. We used Zendesk Chat which allows the customers to get support in real-time.
It plays a crucial role in customer service and satisfaction


The e-commerce web store for Pikolinos was successfully launched. With a seller-friendly interface and partner policies, the online e-commerce entity was able to attract 100s of sellers to sign up with them in quicktime.
Pikolinos is now one of the highly preferred online space for checking out and buying trending shoes every season.

Project details


Ajax , CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript , jQuery , Magento


Based on Agile Methodology, Enterprise Solutions, Custom Software Development, Application Services, Mobile Application, Java, Android, MySQL. RESTful APIs, Laravel,