L.Ten Cate

L. ten Cate

L. ten Cate offers women, men, and children of all ages self-confidence. With underwear and swimwear that is always good and good, whether you are 8 or 88. Their fashion house consists of three strong brands, each with a unique position in the market: ten Cate, Tweka and TC WOW. Two Dutch icons with a long tradition in European fashion history and an icon in the making. Brands with a beautiful past and an even better future.

Maintaining Inventory

The web-store had a variety of products and to manage that was a great task, so we integrated our systems with proper inventory management APIs to classify and organize the products.

To integrate inventory management on the web store, we performed the tasks in four steps-

    • Product Control – Sort products into categories and collections making large data sets which is easier to navigate.
    • Language – Translated content into a number of languages, to instantly globalize the web store.
    • Display Products – Simplified the management with support for images and multiple file types.
    • Search or Query – Provided powerful search functionality to filter and drill down into all the data for easy analysis.
    • Cart and wishlist – Provided add to cart and wishlist option to buy the product at the later priority.

CDN and load balancing

A content delivery network was architectured by cloud experts for hosting javascript, CSS, and image files.

Load balancer was deployed to distribute the request to several servers in order to achieve quick responsiveness and quick loading time.

Google APIs

To translate the language of the web-page API is used to translate it from local language i.e. Dutch to English so that, it is understandable to everyone. We have used this API so that clients user can change the language of the web-page accordingly.

In the website, we provide Google maps API to track the location of the buyer and also for the users who visit the site to see the locations of nearby shops.  

Secure Payment gateways

To make the secure payment, payment API was integrated to make the payment easier and faster.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) were also used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication

Shipping Mangement

To meet the need of making shipping options for products available to certain countries. With coding brilliance to create a country based shipping system for product reserved for audience belong to specific geographical location.

Project details


CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript , jQuery