Jysk Mobel Fabric

Jysk Møbelfabrik

Jysk Møbelfabrik is owned and operated at the ONJ.DK Group. ONJ is a trading company founded in 1987 and has been dealing with areas such as import, finance, real estate investment, sales, furniture sales and more today, they have following branches:

  • Jysk Furniture Factory
  • Onj Tractors
  • Onj Black-sea

It has an equity capital of 17 million KR. A company is a family energetic and is owned by the family “Hareskov Jensen”.

Maintaining Inventory

The web-store had a variety of products and to manage that was a great task, so we integrated our systems with proper inventory management APIs to classify and organize the products.

To integrate inventory management on the web store, we performed the tasks in four steps-

    • Product Control – Sort products into categories and collections making large data sets which is easier to navigate.
    • Language – Translated content into a number of languages, to instantly globalize the web store.
    • Display Products – Simplified the management with support for images and multiple file types.
    • Search or Query – Provided powerful search functionality to filter and drill down into all the data for easy analysis.
  • Cart – Provided add to cart option to buy the product at the later priority.

Content and Schemas

To control the flow of data, data models were integrated and delivered into custom content. This provides the content management facility to meet the data structure required for any use case. It helps in controlling the flow of data at the backend data store.

Payment gateways

To ensure that the website has a fully functional payment processing system, Payment API was integrated. This gave the website risk-free payment options.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) were also used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.


Order Management

To properly manage the orders and shipping details, we integrated the systems with database management systems. It ensures that the correct orders deliver to the correct users.

It maintains the records of the customer like name, contact no., address, order details. With DBMS, these records are stored and further managed for retrieving customer details and there preferences.

Product Management

Managing an e-commerce website is not an easy task. Product details of each and every product must be clear to the user. The Product Description and good quality photographs of each product were uploaded from every required angle with proper dimension details.

The product pages also had options like date of billing details, Delivery estimation, Warranty and Return policy.

MailChimp for Shopify

In this, we use MailChimp for Shopify which helps in keep in touch with customers who have purchased a product from your Shopify store.

MailChimp for shopify is used to deliver bulk emails and regular Newsletter to the customers of the client.

Customer Support

We integrated the system with customer care options. It plays a crucial role in customer service and satisfaction by contacting at the customer care no. for 24/7 availability.

Project details


Ajax , Bootstrap , CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript , jQuery