Borrower Module

Invest Next door is a Digital Lending community platform for Lenders and borrowers. Where a borrower can look for loan according to their need( e.g, personal, businesses). A borrower can look for loan in various type of loan like mortgages, term-loan, credit-card loan, line credit loan. etc.A borrower can also customize the loan term, duration, EMI values etc.
We developed this section very user friendly based on user experience, So when a user visit this section easily he can choose which type of lone user wants (personal or businesses) then will their details(e.g name, email, mobile no.). After filling this information a verification code will sent to users mail and mobile no. When user will verify this process he will able to visit the next page where he can customize options for loan choice(Term loan, credit-card loan, Line credit Loan, mortgages). On the next page he will to make a plan of how much value he want as loan, what is interest rate , for how many days. After submitting this request he got the actual result from the server, which lender offering this type of loan.
If not match any result it will return with message review your loan request.

Lender can offer the loan in various type (e.g. personal, business, commercial). Where a Lender register himself and fill their personal details in which type of loan they offers ( e.g. mortgages, term-loan, credit-card loan, line credit loan. etc).
Lender section a very user friendly section that has many field/options. But it is developed very effectively. So there is no burden on users. It will display as much section as required for a user.
Like a lender can offer loan for three type of user (consumer, small business, commercial). But a user who want only offer for consumers than he can choose consumer and other option will not bother.
There is option to generate dynamically field if user need to put any extra information details.
There is options to customize the category, sub-category, thrash holding value, minimum thrash holding value for approval. Auto decline thrash holding value etc.

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Angular Js , Node Js


Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application & Services Development, Based on Agile Methodology, HTML5. CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery, ES5, Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB