Event Hub


At Event Hub, they were here to help the user of the website to find out information about events that the user only know about or about to connect the user to events that user may enjoy. It’s just simple, search, connect and attend. Search – their extensive listings and pick events that user is interested in by time, date, location, and category. Connect – with the user’s communities events that are going on all around and that is not known to the user’s. Attend – user’s favorite events with his / her family and friends. Through Event Hub, the user can add and create their own events, and promote to the audience.

User LogIn

For proper management of the identity of the user and his accounts, login web API was integrated which helped the system with the identity management. Users can easily log in to the website and continue with their booking for the event.


The Event Service API allows the customer’s to search for events, get details of specific events, get updates for events, and details of ticket prices, and seats. Find attractions (artists, sports, packages, plays and so on) and filter your search by name, and much more. Integrating the website with TicketMaster allow us to select the seat according to your choice and book it accordingly.

Payment Gateways

To ensure that the website has a fully functional payment processing system, Payment API was integrated. This gave the website risk-free payment options in making payments.

Secure Sockets Layer were also used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

Google Map

Google map is used to get the direction of the client’s company so that, its become easy to get the location of the company. It enables anyone to find clients company using phone numbers, addresses, and real-time signals.

Search Query

A user can search an event in the search query according to their interests and they can also select the event from Event filter option according to their choice. These interests can be set for the topics which are accessible to a logged in user only.

Project details


Bootstrap , CSS , HTML5 , JAVA , JavaScript , jQuery , Mobile App , PHP / Laravel


Based on Agile Methodology, Enterprise Solutions, Custom Software Development, Application Services, Mobile Application, Java, Android, MySQL. RESTful APIs, Laravel,