Dating App

Dating App

Basic Information

Kover A Dating App, that give platform to users  create profile with listed interests, content like pictures and videos, messages, chats, friends lists, etc. Another common feature is discovering new friends in real time based on the location pinpointed in users devices, organizing events etc.

Facebook Login/signup

Facebook sign up gives access to user data, which you can use in your app to suggest singles in the user location, find common friends and interests, not mentioning name, pictures, sexual orientation. However, it is important to make it clear for users that you are not going to post and share any information associated with your dating app to the Facebook timeline.


This feature to be taken care of when a user logs-in. Your app should ask the user a permission to capture their location. You can also integrate maps to show the current location, just like How About We does. Getting current location through Facebook or Foursquare integration can also be an option.

Project details


Mobile App


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