CEKURA is a Denmark-based company which leads in providing security to the citizens targeting mainly on old-aged and physically vulnerable. Their products serve the users both in their own homes, outside and even outside Denmark.
They deliver the latest and the best quality security equipment on the market, which has been tested to the smallest detail. It serves as the future of retirement and old-age security. It offers the services based on trust, experience, and empathy.

Handling Products

The security products were specially designed as an alternative to the mobile phones. It was designed keeping in mind that the users will mostly be old people calling for help in an emergency.
It had a very simple design with just one emergency button on it that calls for help when pressed. The old people can easily use this for their safety as it did not require any other complex technical options for calling urgent help.
The device was GPS-enabled which easily tracks down your precise location and the help was called in the form of an ambulance, medical service, police or home care, as per the situation.

Ordering and Purchasing

Our developers came up give a brilliant idea to categorize the products and services according to the user’s need. The safety services subscription option and membership plans were added in a tabular form to provide ease to the customer in comparing the features provided.
In the product purchase section, interactive images were added which provided the full description of that particular product when clicked.

Managing orders

To properly manage the orders and shipping details, we integrated the systems with database management systems. It ensures that the correct products ships to the correct users.
It maintains the records of the customer like name, contact information, address, order details, order history. For proper management of the identity of the user and his accounts, login API was integrated. It helps our web app with identity management. It allowed the customers the ability to log in to the web application and continue browsing and purchasing.

Gain Traffic and Ranking

To make the client’s website appear in the top search results we used various SEO techniques. To achieve a good ranking in search engines, highly competitive keywords were used which resulted in increased number of visitors and buyers on the website.
The latest news was included on the website to keep it updated and provide crucial information to existing customers. Thus helps in providing customer support.


Cekura was successfully launched as one of the leading brands for 24 hours emergency help in Denmark. It was able to woo the customers to give them an experience in building safety services for those who need help.

Project details


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