Godhan is a classified app used for posting, viewing, browsing and editing the Ads.


Godhan App



This app shows a list of cattle present for selling according to the user nearest location to farthest and for this when user open this app, it automatically takes location (latitude and longitude) of user and while posting Ad this location is convert it into address. So this app will keep record of all post with their posting address.

Godhan has also provided option for user to filter list of cattle according to cattle name i.e cow, buffalo and bull/bullock and their breeds. User can go for detail information regarding cattle by just clicking list of cattle which include cattle name, its breed,price, photos, milk per day, seller information (name, contact no, address:both in text format and map view). Special feature of Godhan is that user are free to report the Ads according to their experience.

Let’s look at a quick flowchart of the Godhan App.



FrontEnd Technology for designing app:- XML

IDE used to develop app:- Android Studio

BackEnd Technology:- Core Java, Laravel(PHP), MySQLi, DynamoDB, A relational database service to receive with Amazon RDS, Amazon cognito.


Server Services:


In Godhan there is a section for posting Ad of cattle and for this user have to fill some basic details about their cattle.Posted Ads will be visible to other uses after verification done by the Godhan team. User can also delete as well as edit their posted Ad of their cattle. Professional & Expert Native Mobile Application Development Team. Hope you found here expert native mobile app development company Divine Pixel & Codes and looking towards you to utilize our skills, experience & expertise for build your Dream Mobile App which gives you the wing to fly higher and faster in app competing market.