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Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

Most of the website are web application, simple web pages or web mail application. These applications allows the user to interact with it and its features appropriate for you, the website offered a lot, the page request and the information from the same page would be displayed, it’s the internet that proved full of plain web pages that offer the exact same information. Programs like pyinstaller and cx_freeze help turn python scripts into executable programs without the use of python to interpret the code, python-driven web application which can use python code to determine what t actions to take and what content to show, once the user is using browser with internet connection everything will be run online.

Web development is the creator and developer of operating web application and application web programming interfaces for web, web development is so important because it’s the concept that encompasses all the activities that involve with the websites and web applications. python is used to build server –side web application it’s not used in web Browser while and the web framework is not requiring to build a web apps, the different between the python and JavaScript that’s JavaScript is downloaded to the client and run by web browse while python is executed on the server side.

Web development it’s proved the static HTML files into the complex javascript client-application. web development also involve in HTTP communication between the server.

Google App Engine

Python code need to run the website but there are different number of web frameworks available for python that gives the detail automatically. google web engine its use a web framework named webapp2. google app engine it’s the quickest and easiest way to learn web application development in python.


The application python SDK has two main recourses, App Engine launcher, which connect the web application online and web server its not requiring to be online for running the web application on the computer.


Python tutorial show how to store and acess data from python wed application true using Azure Document.

The tutuorial covers :-

1. Reating and provisioning a DocumentDB account.

2. Creating a Python MVC application.

3. Connecting to and using Azure DocumentDB from your web application.

4. Deploying the web application to Azure Websites.

An active Azure account which is easily can be downloaded in a few minutes or visual studio Express
Which is also free, Azure Python SDK for visual studio its available at version 2.4 used Microsoft Azure SDK for python 2.7 from python.og.

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