Steel Thread

Steel Thread

Steel Thread Software is a tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, educated and independent-minded that operate at the intersection of technology and business. Their software development and delivery solutions enable their customers to regain control of the development life-cycle and automate the release of complex software applications with “the push of a button”. Their goal is to improve software development and delivery so profoundly their customers can’t imagine running their business any other way.

HubSpot COS

Hubspot’s Content Optimization System (COS) CMS is used in this and COS is platform to merge the website and marketing efforts together and which manage their social media, analytics, email and other digital efforts.

Social plugins

It generally creates more traffic to the website, making it a viable option to have high SEO rankings. Apart from increasing followers or fans for the website, the client can keep them updated on the latest – be it news, events, etc., just by adding a Social Share button. Clients potential customers can leave their queries or have discussions that are once posted on the site, the client could carry them over to their social media page to create an open discussion again this will gain you more followers.

Google API

Google map API is used to get the direction of the client’s company so that, its become easy to get the location of the company. It enables anyone to find clients company using phone numbers, addresses, and real-time signals.

Career Options

In the career option, there are two categories one is for internship and other one is for job seekers who wish to join the company. To apply they need to fill the details such as first name, last name, phone no, email, resume, cover letter, Linkedin profile etc.

Customer Support

We integrated the system with customer care options. It plays a crucial role in customer service and satisfaction by contacting at the customer care no. for that they are trying to get back to you as soon as possible or the user can also contact via email.

Project details


Bootstrap , CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript , jQuery


Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application & Services Development, Based on Agile Methodology, Node.js, EXPRESS as Framework, Jquery, JS, HTML5, CSS3 AngularJS