Metroid Electrical Engineering, founded in 1993, is the leading manufacturer of Electrical Control Systems in Australia. It is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured which designs, builds, programs and commissions electrical control systems for original equipment manufacturers and builders.
They have many years experience in designing, building, programming and commissioning electrical controls for a wide range of mining companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP, BMA, Oz Minerals, Newmarket Gold, ExxonMobil, Dacian Gold, Goldfields, Australia Pacific LNG, Newcrest and others.


The website needed to provide sample of the professional, high quality AutoCAD Electrical drawings that is generated by drafting team. The user need to register his mail id and request for sample drawing.
The user can request from any industry so to manage this, different datasets and web pages were developed for each industry.

Database Management

To manage the large amount of project details and data, WordPress was perfectly scalable to the amount of content and user base the website will be handling.
We just needed the horsepower for httpd (apache/nginx) to be able show one second page loads and have the database server (mysql, maria) respond fast, too.
We also configured the server – using various httpd and mysql utilities – to handle the loads, as well as work with php configs and opcode caching.

Strategy For Visitor’s Interest

The company provided an option of providing sample drawings designed in AutoCAD Electrical. This gave the user an outline of their project and an idea about how to begin with the project. Budget estimation option was also added. The capabilities of the team were listed on the website to provide the trust to the visitor.
Additional details like total project tender costings, PLC, HMI, SCADA programming, testing, commissioning and technical support were listed on the website.


The website for Metroid Electrical Engineering was launched with a great success. It gained prominence in a short span of time and has acquired more than 400 projects in just 5 years.
The company generates new leads for the business development. Their rapid response, the wealth of industry experience and advanced engineering and manufacturing processes set them apart as Australia’s most dependable control provider.

Project details


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