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Logoi is the Oxford and Cambridge undergraduate Classics journal. They are an open-access journal and believe that broad and public freedom of academic information is the most important development for the future of academia. To that end, they strive to be as open, avant-garde and rigorous as possible, in the knowledge that many of those who submit their work to them, now they will form a plurality of Classical academia in the near future.

In Logoi user can submit university work (insofar as your university allows it) and work user wrote of their own initiative. User’s submission must relate to Classics (in general, Graeco-Roman culture from 776 BCE, the first Olympiad, until the Fall of Constantinople, 1453 CE).

User LogIn

For proper management of the identity of the user and his accounts, login web API was integrated which helped the system with the identity management so that, the user can easily log in to the website and continue with their writings on the classic journal. The user can also login so that they can choose their roles as a reader, author or as a reviewer.

Search Query

Every user can search a query from which they want feeds to be delivered from using the search query option according to their interests and they can also search the others journals and review it. These interests can be set for the topics which are accessible to a user.

Social plugins

It generally creates more traffic to the website, making it a viable option to have high SEO rankings. Apart from increasing followers or fans for the website, the client can keep them updated on the latest – be it news, events, etc., just by adding a Social Share button next to the information. Clients potential users can leave their queries or have discussions that are once posted on the site, the client could carry them over to their social media page to create an open discussion again this will gain you more followers.


Open Journal Systems (OJS) was integrated to the website to facilitate the development of open access, peer-reviewed publishing, providing the technical infrastructure not only for the online presentation of journal articles but also an entire editorial management workflow, including article submission, multiple rounds of peer-review. Through this user not only can submit their journals but can also manage all content of journals.

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