B Prior

B Prior

B offers a profoundly unique and enlightening perspective on Life from the smallest matters that shape our personal lives to the biggest universal questions of human existence.

B is the Originator of The Form – Reality Practice, a powerful movement practice, and vehicle of Awakening that is the living embodiment and transmission of realization. He is the Founder of Ohinetahi Retreat Centre in New Zealand, home to a community dedicated to the awakening and living of one’s highest possibility of Love and creativity

Cart API

Provided add to cart option to buy the books and see the paid videos and recordings from the website so that user can buy the book or see the paid videos and recording sessions at the later priority.


We have created two membership program on the website which is listed as follows:

  • Annual membership
  • Monthly membership

The membership program is on annually and yearly basis and each membership program have different price value and the benefits of both programs are same and for the membership subscription, client user must have PayPal account.

Payment Gateway

To ensure that the website has a fully functional payment processing system, Payment API was integrated. This gave the website risk-free payment options in making payments.


Secure Sockets Layer were also used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

Email Subscription

In this website, we provide email subscription using email API to manage subscribers data. Clients users can subscribe and unsubscribe individuals and synchronize metadata with their system.

Media Integration

The website was also integrated with media option so that, the client’s user can visit the website and see his works in the field. The media field is divided into following categories:

  • Blogs
  • Writings
  • Listening
  • Videos
  • Italian Media

In the blogs, the client talks about his upcoming sessions or some news, and in listening, videos and Italian media is about some of its previous sessions.

Project details


CSS , HTML5 , JavaScript , Squarespace Commerce