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Optimizing your Web Design

Developing quality content is important but it’s not the only part of your strategy that must be optimized. Displaying the content properly and having a solid hierarchy and easy navigation is the key for an effective web presence.

Tips for user friendly navigation and functionality

1. Discuss with the web design & development team the project specifications. Focus on the feasibility of the design and have this information in mind before creating the website.
2. Group the content by relevance and use descriptive menu items to help users find easily the information that they are looking for.

3. Use text links in footer to support navigation. Text links are very useful both for the users and for the search engines.

4. Use breadcrumb navigation to allow users keep track of their location within your website and help search engines understand your website structure.

5. Consider each page as a landing page providing all the information to the user and inform him where he is and what to see next.

6. Place the logo, the primary message and the navigation above the fold. It is highly recommended to give the best possible first impression to the user.

7. Don’t change the template of your website in every category. It makes the navigation in your website more difficult for the average user.

8. Avoid horizontal scroll, it is not user friendly.

9. A time consuming loading website is a reason for higher bounce rate and lower rankings. Google has clearly stated that page loading speed is a ranking signal.

10. Get familiar with Google webmaster guidelines as it consists of useful tips for better user experience.

11. Avoid Pop ups- and unnecessary use of blurring images as they are annoying for most users.

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