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How to calculate cost estimation for mobile app development

Mobile app cost estimation depend on specific feature on app technical complexity, custom design and animations.

1. Minimum average time to develop an app is 300 hours and maximum it takes maybe 500-800 hours.

2. Android app development may takes 10 to 20 percent more than IOS.

Costly app Element Post-Release Expenses

Api integration App marketing & promotion

Custom Design Components Support and update

Heavy Tech Components Backend maintenance

Admin Panel Development Cloud Hosting

Basically The Price of app Depend on specific features and Design.

Which type of app would you want develop-:

Basic Functional Application:

Here you Give all the detailed content regarding your app, necessary direction and examples that you want to develop. If you get bit expertise in the designing side then providing graphics will less your cost by $1000 – $1500. The additional cost to be review is if you want GPS locator, social media or other third party components part inside it.

Native Database Application:- It is quite alike to basic app development but what will count cost is the formation of logic within the application and development of its usability architecture. It can cost you around $3500 USD – $10000 USD.

Gaming Application :- One of the hardest and the most complicate application that starts with something simple functionality and ends up in the 3D feature where parameters like speed, accelerator needs to be maintained dynamically. Development of mesmerizing graphics that leads more user Experience and conversion is something that adds complexity in the development. Here the cost factor varies as per your requirement but, generally it starts by $8,000 – $50, 000 .

Advancement or Modification of wire-frame:- Here, if you consider some important functions of the device that are useful in your application like camera, alarm and install it with some extra features and functionalities than, it may cost you high.

Design cost:- Regardless of websites, where you can hire someone to design the code but the scenario is different in mobile app development. You Have to hire the entire designing team to develop app design. These days, user experience and customization are the Best factors that have shaken the whole designing industry. Remember, the user will pay for what you give. Your app design needs to be decent enough a good way to engage the user. Design can make or break your application. Designing cost might also vary as per your requirement but normally it ranges from $1000 – $5,000 depned upon number of screens , inner screens that you have, with graphics.

Which other factor have an effect on Android App development price?

1) Back-end Development: in case your software is native and requires responses from back-end then, you need to include back-end team and it may cost you around.

2) Web service Development: This will take your content to the remote access point so that you can update and make changes in your app with XML files instead of raw code changes. It may cost you around $2000 – $5000.

3) Integrating third party tools and SDK: If you need to leverage user with a facility of Social media tools and various plug-ins along with various SDK’s and frameworks then, it may acquire an additional cost of $3000 – $5,000.

Some other factors that contribute to app development cost are :

1) Marketing and promotion. 2) Testing & QA 3) Server maintenance and troubleshooting 4) Support & Maintenance cost. 5) Pay-pal and GPSS and other region integration cost.

Finally, How much would it cost to develop android application ? There are many variables to be considered when you need to determine the cost but, overall if you consider the cost including Application + Back-end Development + Web-service Development then android app development might cost you around $7,000 to $100000 Respectively. when you have a dream of creating the most a success App then Visacent is the best solution.

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