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Big Data is working on the basis of Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability and Complexity of data.It provides you more accurate analyzed data and it may lead to more confident decision making. And better decisions making means greater operational efficiencies, reduction in cost and risk.If you are the big player then big data will definitely work for you and making your business profitable.

At Visacent, We believe that Data is extremely important thing. When the data is structured with less amount then it is very easy to handle but when the data is large and unstructured then it’s very tedious task to handle it,for the solution of this problem we used the Big Data and Analytics. Visacent got huge expertise in implementing Big Data in numerous businesses. Through Big Data, we analyze the huge amount of unstructured data and turns your data into revenue.We helps businesses to store, analyze, and protect their data, transforming their opportunity to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage and reduce risk and enable innovative way to grow your business more and more faster.

Visacent Big Data solutions featuring enterprise Hadoop solutions, enable users to store, manage and analyze data across numerous other sources while making data accessible to business analysts, data scientists and IT users.

Featured Big Data Solutions:

  • Hadoop System: Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that helps the processing of huge data sets in a distributed computing environment.
  • Stream Computing: Stream Computing allow organizations to process data streams which are always on and never ceasing. Stream Computing helps organizations to spot opportunities and risks across all data.
  • Federated discovery & navigation: Help organizations access and analyze information across the enterprise.

Benefits of Big Data:

  • Optimization of labor
  • Choice of Multichannel world
  • Interpretation of processes and policy management
  • Automatic personalization
  • Greater instrumentation of data

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