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An introduction of MEAN STACK

MEAN is a rigid, free and open-source full stack JavaScript framework for building dynamic websites and web applications. It simplifies and increases web application development. It represents a significant shift in architecture and mental models i.e, from relational databases to NoSQL and from server-side Model-View-Controller to client-side single-page applications. The term stack here refers to the set of languages or technologies which developers uses to build applications and the term MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB Express JS Angular JS Node JS

MongoDB:- is a free and open-source cross-platform database program. It is been classified as NoSQL database program and it also uses JSON-like documents with schemas. It is useful when the schema-less documents are to be stored. It is very fast and flexible. It is claimed to be strongly consistently and easy to maintain with low cost. Since it is a document database, the access and retrieval of records is different as compared to other databases.

Express JS:- is a server-side MVC framework in Node JS which is designed for building web application and APIs. it is the backend part of MEAN stack. It provides a minimal interface to build applications. It is flexible and pluggable as compared to Rails and Django. It uses various modules available on NPM (Node Package Manager).

Angular JS:- is a complete JavaScript based development framework to create Rich Internet Application. It is a cross-browser compliant that automatically handles JavaScript code suitable for each browser. Its code is unit testable and developers can get more functionality by writing less code.

Node JS:- is a server-side platform. It provides an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. The Node JS applications are written in JavaScript. It also provides a large library of various JavaScript modules.

MEAN over LAMP:- LAMP is one of the earliest stack. It is made from all free and open-source software elements which is used for development of dynamic websites and applications. LAMP uses Linux operating system, Apache Web Server, MySQL database and PHP application software. The MEAN is a more modern stack than LAMP. It is complete JavaScript which helps in both time and money saving for organizations. MEAN stack uses Node JS which is it faster and more scalable than other server-side technologies. LAMP uses MySQL database which is conventional but MEAN uses MongoDB which is a NoSQL database and makes the integration of data into certain applications fast and easy.

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